Transformer/Meter/Switch Box Pad: (Catalog Page)
GS-37-52-15-TMS-MG or GS-72-40-18-TMS-MG:
(PDF Drawings) 

  • One complete unit designed for a single phase transformer and one meter switch.
  • Accommodates up to one 25kV to 167kVA transformer.
  • Accommodates various models of switches.
  • Provides a raceway between the transformer and meter.
  • Allows for Net Metering of an energy generator.


Transformer Meter Switch Box Pad: (Catalog Page)

GS-80-36-36-2O-MG-TS: (PDF Drawing)

  • Box pad with two 22” x 24 top openings accommodates two pieces of electrical equipment at the same time.
  • Large expansive raceway inside the box pad provides a cable raceway between the two pieces of installed equipment.
  • 80” long x 36” wide top surface area enables a wide variety of equipment to be installed on this TMS box pad.
  • Install Nordic single phase cabinets, single phase transformers, or other various pieces of equipment.