Primary Metering Cabinet

Primary Metering Box Pads
See Nordic Box Pads for the following Primary Metering Cabinets below:

Features & Benefits:

  • Where electrical service is fed underground, that's where box pads from Nordic Fiberglass provide support for Primary Metering Cabinets.
  • Allow for cable to be looped inside the interior cavity. In case of an electrical failure, damaged cable can removed and the extra slack can be used for new attachments.
  • Produced from fire retardant resin. Combination chopped glass spray up and hand lay-up with woven roving.
  • Nominal " laminate thickness.
  • The steps are reinforced with 2x4’s, which are completely encapsulated in additional layers of chopped glass and woven roving glass. Vertical ribs are molded in below the steps for added strength.
  • Exterior covered with a UV-stabilized surface coat.