Box Pad for Oil-Filled Switchgear installed

 Box Pad for Oil-Filled Switchgear Oil-Filled-Switchgear

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Oil-Filled Switchgear Box Pad (Catalog Page)
Features & Benefits:

  • Nordic box pads for switchgear are available in many sizes, with top measurements ranging from 34” x 25” to 106” x 74” and heights of 15” to 48”.
  • They are produced of fire-retardant resin and a combination of chopped glass spray-up and hand lay-up using 18 ounce woven roving glass reinforcement.
  • The steps are reinforced with 2x4’s, which are completely encapsulated in additional layers of chopped glass and woven roving glass. Vertical ribs are molded in below the steps for added strength.
  • The RT-2O series of box pads have extra reinforcements to accommodate oil-filled switchgear.
  • These box pads are designed with two top openings to meet the openings of the switch base. A footprint of the switch is required to ensure proper placement of the openings.
  • The flange around the bottom perimeter provides excellent stability in a buried position.
  • The exterior is covered with Munsell green surface-coat for superior weatherability and protection from ultraviolet light.